February 4, 2016

German ‘Find Your Pension’ and TTYPE team up

A very concrete and important step was taken during the expert meeting in January 2016, when Peter Melchior from TTYPE project and Claudia Wegner-Wahnschaffe from German ‘Find Your Pension’ signed a declaration of partnership, thereby agreeing on their mutual contribution to further development of an ETS.


‘Find Your Pension’ is a German initiative to help people from other countries find their pension providers. It is an efficient partner and inspiration towards implementing the first level of the European Tracking Service.

Read the accompanying article from Find Your Pension.

About Find Your Pension
The website provides answers to frequently asked questions in terms of pension accrual, entitlements and applications in various European countries in a concise way. In addition, here people employed in the research (public) sector find the state and occupational pension providers they are/were members of. The initiative aims to support workers in navigating within the European Pension Landscapes and in dealing with their different pension claims.