At the request of the European Commission the TTYPE consortium has proposed a high level design for a European Tracking Service, including recommendations for a successful implementation.

On March 26th 2015 TTYPE presented the project results and spoke about the possible next steps in order to make European pensions come together.

On the basis of the findings in the final report, the TTYPE project has been asked by the European Commission to take the project one step further towards realisation of an ETS, building on the results of the first part of the project. New partners have joined TTYPE and the new consortium has taken on this challenge.

The three basic tasks of the consortium in this phase are:

  1. Enlarging the support base with all relevant stakeholders.
  2. Defining the organization of an ETS (including business plans and financing models).
  3. Creating an implementation roadmap.

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EU Funding of TType

The TTYPE project is supported by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Solidarity – PROGRESS (2007-2013). This programme is implemented by the European Commission. It was established to financially support the implementation of the objectives of the European Union in the employment, social affairs and equal opportunities area, and thereby contribute to the achievement of the Europe 2020 Strategy goals in these fields. The seven-year Programme targets all stakeholders who can help shape the development of appropriate and effective employment and social legislation and policies, across the EU-28, EFTA-EEA and EU candidate and pre-candidate countries.

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